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Join Thunder Mountain Shootists

Thanks for your interest in the Thunder Mountain Shootists and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting!  We welcome new members who are interested in participating in or actively supporting the shooting disciplines of:

       •    Cowboy Action
       •    Wild Bunch
       •    Multi-Gun
       •    Cowboy Long Range and
       •    Military Long Range

To gain membership you must be sponsored by a current member in good standing with the club.  The club recognizes that, under some circumstances, you may not have a sponsor.  In these cases please contact the club (via e-mail or phone).  Arrangements will be made for you to meet some TMS members and perhaps gain sponsorship that day.  Alternatively, you can attend a regular monthly shoot.  Members are quick to recognize new people and are always happy to spend time with them explaining the exciting sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.  Most likely you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of attention received.

If you do attend a shoot please be sure to wear eye and ear protection.  The club can provide protection if needed.


Call:  970-270-4853


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