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World Champion Ladies Silver Senior

Lefty Jo; 1st Place


Colorado Blackjack; 10th Place

Silver Senior

Bulldog Ric; 4th Place

Grand Patron

Wrangler Ron; 4th Place

Ladies Silver Senior

Lady Bulldog; 2nd Place









Charles B. Gatewood and Colorado Blackjack and posse at Winter Range 2017!

Winter Range - 2017

A big "shout out" our TMS shooters who made a dang good showing at Winter Range this year!


Lefty Jo, National Champion, Lady Silver Senor

Lady Bulldog, 4th Place, Lady Gunfighter

Gateway Kid, 3rd Place, Senior

Babe Ruthless, 9th Place, Lady Forty-Niner

Bulldog Ric, 2nd Place, Silver Senior

Union Jack, 10th Place, Wrangler

Paladin Pete, 8th Place, Cattle Baron


That was some fine cowboy action shooting!  You made us proud!


Nevada State Championship/Eldorado - 2016

TMS Member Paladin Pete had a great time in Nevada and made TMS proud!

1st Place - Cattle Baron

3rd Place - Speed 97

3rd Place - .22 Pistol

3rd Place - .22 Rifle


Back At 'Cha in Texas - 2016

Lefty Jo and Wrangler Ron also made TMS proud at Back At 'Cha in Texas!


Lefty Jo

1st Place - Ladies Silver Senior

Wrangler Ron

1st Place - El Patron


Rukus in the Nations

September 16 & 17, 2016

Our own Charles B. Gatewood went to Sand Springs, Oklahoma  for the Oklahoma State Champion SASS Cowboy Action Shoot, "Rukus in the Nations". A great time was had by all and Mr. Gatewood enjoyed the match.

Mr. Gatewood and his posse, great bunch of folks!







Here's some shots of their beautiful range!

Check out their website here 

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